Saturday, January 29, 2011

X O Diss

The first 15 chapters of Exodus lay down one of the foundational stories for the Israelites - of course, their exodus from Egypt. Moses is introduced at the start, grows to manhood within several chapters, has the encounter with god at the burning bush, is told by god that he should implore Pharaoh to let his people go while being told at the same time that god will harden pharaoh's heart so that he will deny Moses' request - thus setting the stage for plagues, pestilence and darkness.

It is some seriously pagan shit.

I mean it, this is just awful. If god (YHWH or Yahweh) as described in the Old Testament is the heaven and hell creatin', all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe, this YHWH character is his mutant, deformed, bastard step-great-great-great-grandson. He might be something to be feared in the near-term - say, until you can get out of his sight - but not something that is worthy of respect and devotion lasting thousands of years.

On the flip side, religion (ANY religion) offers some social benefits. Seriously, for most people, having a stable, firm, deep bond with other human beings is good at an emotional level, and was essential at a subsistence level in the stone, bronze and iron ages, from whence these social structures arose.

I can see deep into the future ... and I can see that 20 percent of humanity will always be susceptible to this kind of magical thinking, no matter how far we advance as a species and a society. I'm afraid that it's just human nature.

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