Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cognitive Hurdles

You have to:
  1. believe in the supernatural
  2. believe that the supernatural includes agents that have intentions and can perform actions in a way that we can perceive them
  3. believe that one agent has enough power and scope to create, supervise, intervene with, and judge the inhabitants of its creation and distribute rewards and punishment
  4. believe that a single collection of books written in the centuries from the late bronze age to the iron age represent words inspired by it
  5. believe that these words are intended for us to organize and guide our lives and beliefs and intentions and actions
There are at least 5 cognitive hurdles that one's mind has to clear in order to believe something like the bible. That doesn't even include the story of Jesus. And hundreds of millions of people have thought to themselves "that sounds right".

What does that tell us about the human race?

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