Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

It's been a good week for me to occupy my head with tidbits from the world of research, intellectual thought and skepticism ... although the "intellectual" tag is something only I might apply to thoughts that i have.

Exhibit A -
Researchers in South Africa found what may have been an "art studio" where early man accumulated and mixed materials that could be loosely termed "paint". This site is approximately 100,000 years old. Quoting directly from the article:
the find represents an important benchmark in the evolution of complex human mental processes
I suppose that articles like this fill my heart with joy, awe and wonder much like my religious brethren claim when they consider their favorite major or minor deity.

Exhibit B -
@theealex tweeted a link to the reliably thought-provoking Talk Origins site about the existence of Geologic Columns around the world that provide evidence on how the earth has changed over the eons ... and puts the lie to Creationist claims that the "Geologic Column is an idea, but nowhere to be found in nature". Ummmm ... except that it's found in at least 25 places around the world. Creationism is fun!

Exhibits C through Z -
Almost any tweet with the hashtag #skeptic #atheist or #atheism has the potential to be insightful or downright funny. A couple that caught my eye:

via @godisreundant - "The biggest advantage to believing in God is you don't have to understand anything...I wanted to understand." Dr. James Watson

via @maximosis - "If God Made us in his image then why aren't we invisible too?" - #Random Bathroom Graffiti #atheism

via @hemantmehta - God Has a Challenger

via @Monicks - Don't confuse your religious beliefs with knowledge, better gain vast knowledge of your beliefs, you'd most likely stop believing. #atheism

...and a most heart-rending one...

via @GodlesBlkFemale - #atheist #christian #YouhaveSomeExplainingToDo #Jesustweeter

That last one cuts to the heart of the matter: that a supposed god would be kicking back in his supposed heaven in his favorite easy chair, sipping his favorite beverage, while innocent children starve to death.

It reminds us thinking, caring, un-delusional human beings that our friends, neighbors, fellow citizens, and the innocents born around the world are in need of help - and that those of us that can help, should help.

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