Saturday, April 28, 2012


Early in the life of the Project: The King and I blog - in which I am an infrequent commenter - the non-believers were asked what it would take to convince us of god's existence. Some of us that replied, did so with fairly mundane and unchallenging "demands".

In looking back over that particular post by @Bruce , I see that at least one commenter had a pretty challenging proposition - that the stars themselves spell it out explicitly.

I don't see why this isn't the default position for human beings. If god is all powerful, then nothing's off limits. He (She ... It) can do whatever they wish, so balancing the moon on a baby racoon's head, or spelling in out in the stars, or making Sarah Palin smart, should all be well within the capabilities of the all-powerful one.

Wonder why it never happens.

Wonder why believers never demand such a high standard of evidence.

Don't you?

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