Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boiling it down


It boils down to a question of whether there is something non-natural going on in the world, and whether non-natural "planes of existence", any entities that inhabit them, and super powerful or a single supremely powerful entity can exist and are somehow able to make changes to the natural world that we inhabit. A corollary to this conjectural "supernatural" is the existence of a soul, which is the fulcrum around which many religions hold sway over their human adherents - what with eternal reward and punishment as the carrot and stick.

The discussion of tangential issues - the basis of "objective" morality, for example, are red herrings that distract from the foundational claims that underpin any religion based on the supernatural. Similarly, the "divinity" of characters such as Jesus or Mohammed are subordinate subjects that have to wait in line while questions regarding the supernatural are answered.

Has anyone come forward with evidence or arguments for the supernatural today?

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