Saturday, August 4, 2012

Defending the Argument for Design in the Universe

In Dr. William Lane Craig's rebuttal to Dr. Massimo Pigliucci's counterarguments to the Design argument, Dr. C gives three counter-arguments: 1) the dynamic theory of creation allows for imperfections to be replaced by more perfect entities over time; 2) we can't know what God would design; 3) perfection is a relative term.

In the spirit of "what I wish I'd said", I offer the following additional thoughts: 1) "Theory of Creation" has no underlying basis on which to accept it as an explanation for the appearance of entities in the world - it requires a full explanatory edifice before it can be introduced as support for imperfect-appearing constructions; 2) invoking God while using that same sub-argument as support for the argument that he exists is circular; 3) this is just plain weaseling out of the criticism - if a human being can conceive of a more perfect design, and if God is responsible for the original design, then God is a less capable designer than we are.

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