Saturday, November 20, 2010

The argument from ZeroWing21

I'm not a "New Atheist", nor an activist atheist - more of a committed skeptic and atheist that loves the dialog. Behold the Internet - you can find all sorts of great dialog on the Internet, for example, while Googling the twelve basic arguments for God, I ran across ZeroWing21's posts arguing against them. A very nice closing statement is provided, which I quote here without further comment.

Consider for a moment that no amount of theological mastery seems to produce a consensus about the bible. Think about how different this is from [other] academic disciplines. We do not have different sects of astronomers, historians, or mathematicians. Subjects like these that draw conclusions based on tangible facts truly transcend the vagaries of our different cultures (there is no such thing as Christian chemistry vs. Islamic chemistry, for instance). We do not see that with the bible. Isn't it a little strange that god would give us all the information we need to reach a state of harmony in a subject like astronomy, but not for something infinitely more important like salvation? There are 34, 000 sects of Christianity on the world, and well over 250, 000 different religions. The average human lives about 22, 000 days - yet we are supposed to cover them all in order to find the one true faith? If that's the case, then it is quite a little crapshoot that god has set up for us, isn't it? And if they're all false, well, you just wasted your mortal life. Seems god could have made it a little easier for people like me, or you, who really want to know the truth, but who also don't want to be duped by apparent frauds.

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