Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why the overhead?

Sean Carroll tweeted today that the Intelligent Design community isn't happy with him today. I peeked at the Uncommon Descent blog post that quoted his words from a recent piece, then immediately drifted off to write this.

Inspired by Sean's words about whether the universe needs a god and anthropic fine tuning, I'm motivated to say that the idea that a god that created a universe full of stars and galaxies sure created a lot of overhead, if the point was just to create life on earth - human life.

Why not just create a universe that has only heaven and earth ... flat, infinite, no extraneous stars. Provide light when (if) it's needed, dark when (if) it's needed, rain when (if) it's needed. There's no need for natural laws that cause protons and neutrons and electrons to coalesce into atoms, atoms into molecules, into dust, and planets and stars and galaxies. Nor is there a need for molecules to combine into monomers and polymers and proteins and form structures like cell walls and nuclei and RNA and DNA - and animals, and plants and humans. All of this is extraneous if the point is just to create human life.

Heck, why heaven AND earth? Why all the overhead?

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