Saturday, April 23, 2011

Worthy of worship?

For the sake of argument - assume that the supernatural exists. Let's say that god(s), angels, leprechauns, faeries, demons, ghosts and the like, exist. We might also throw in some human-based capabilities such as ESP, prophecy, etc.

Within the regime of the supernatural, then gods could exist - unimaginably powerful agents that can control the earth, wind, water, sky and everything in them. Taking it a step further, one god could hypothetically exist that supercedes the existence of or need for less capable gods - "one god to rule them all" so to speak.

So - does the bible describe something that fits this description? Does our understanding of god match that which is described in the bible?

Simply stated, no.

Starting with Genesis 1:1, the proposition "God" is initially powerful enough to create everything we see (albeit in an illogical way that fails to match the evidence) - and then devolves into a hiding-behind-a-burning-bush, child-murdering, locust-delivering, heart-hardening, bad-deed-doing, fickle, petty, ill-tempered, incompetent punk who made such a mess of his creation that he allegedly killed everything on the earth with the exception of one family and all of the animals that they could stuff into a boat, then allowed the whole cluster-hump to begin anew with no change.

Is there something about this worthy of worship?

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