Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm becoming a big fan of Sam Harris

I posted a link to the Sam Harris-William Lane Craig debate on "Does Good come from God?" a few weeks back. Subsequently, I've watched a few other videos in which he plays a "co-starring" role. Most recently, I watched this vid from 2007 at AAI 2007, in which he presents the idea that the term "atheist" is not necessary.

This is an interesting train of thought, as Harris uses the analogy that, just as non-astrologer is not an intellectual position, neither should "atheist" be a label required to identify oneself as eschewing belief in a deity.

The more familiar I become with Harris, the more intrigued I am with his apparent compassion, reflection, serenity, and concise manner of conveying his thoughts.

A couple of important themes:

  • We have something we can accomplish with like-minded individuals of faith (in reference to Islamic oppression such as Burkas on women and death to the raped)
  • We should eradicate all bad ideas (not just religion)
  • Be unremittingly, intellectually honest.

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