Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Hundred Trillion

I just can't get the enormity of this number out of my head.


One hundred trillion.

In my previous posts about "Maps of Certainty" (here and here) I came up with the number as a way to characterize the likelihood that someone had credible evidence that they'd seen god.

I keep asking myself: "Why, in the tens of billions of lives that have passed since prehistoric times, living an average of ten thousand days each, has there not been one god sighting that was worthy of verification by a second person?" Why didn't anyone, upon seeing god, go immediately next door to his neighbor's house and shout "Bill, come over immediately - I think I see god!". Bill comes out, verifies that god is indeed there, and says "Hank, I see him too. Let's call the authorities - this could be big!"

Why hasn't that ever happened?

Hundred(s) of trillions of person-days without one credible report THAT COULD EVEN BE INVESTIGATED!

Nothing to shut the non-believers up ... or at least keep them busy trying to debunk. Not a sniff. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Bupkis.

If god had ever been seen - and that evidence had been suppressed - it would indicate that there is a conspiracy of monumental proportions going on. Millennia long. Involving tens of billions of people. All working in concert to suppress the evidence that god had been sighted.

We should look into this!

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